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Just what every girl needs…..a PEDICURE & A MANICURE!

I don’t know whether your feet have ever got to the stage where you’d be ashamed to have an elephant see them????? Well, believe more mine had certainly reached that stage, being winter & all, you become less self conscious of what your toes look like because all your shoes are closed in so really, who cares????? Me!!! I HATE crusty feet, especially being in the establishment & having people help me with my shower every day, I can’t exactly hide them away! I have been dying to get out & have a pedicure but its not that easy these days. Firstly, I can’t just wander up the street & book myself into the local Vietnamese pedicure production line place, ‘the establishment’ is not so keen for me to go on little self initiated outings by myself……..can’t think why, I think I’m quite steady with my four wheeled frame, as long as I don’t come across any bumps in the pavement😉.Secondly, my finances these days don’t allow for too much self indulgence & I would certainly consider a pedicure indulging oneself!

But, what you need to know about me is that I have the most amazing friends who spoil me rotten & this was one of those occasions. I thought we were going to get our crusty feet made fresh & brand new but as it turned out she had also booked us in for a manicure. I couldn’t believe my ears when the lady announced “two for manicure & pedicure”, I turned around & said to my friend “are we having a manicure as well” & her response was”of course, we can’t have one without the other!!” Oh, my goodness I thought I was about to die & go to heaven…..not only was I out of ‘the establishment’ but I was going to be pampered for the next 90 minutes & pampered I was!

We were spoilt with hot wax on both our feet & hands which once removed made them feel so soft & not crusty. My feet were massaged, my calves were massaged & then the final part, painting my now soft & moist toes with my favourite toe nail colour – bright red! I had to take a photo & ill put it at the bottom of the post!

We then moved onto our finger nails & the pampering continued & I honestly felt so spoilt! The chairs we were sitting on we’re like big red thrones & so comfortable I could have easily fallen asleep, but I couldn’t, I just couldn’t or I would miss out on being spoilt. My finger nail colour is a lot  obvious obvious I prefer my hands to not be the centre of attention

I truly must say that even though I’m living with oldies & the establishment can sometimetimes be a little trying I am one of the luckiest girls around. I have so many wonderful friends who genuinely care for me & are so kind to me!!! All I can say is I am one BLESSED girl & thanks a million Kym I had the best time ever! A day to remember!!

My beautiful red toes!!!
My beautiful red toes!!!