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And a baby was born…….

I thought I should add a quick post with a photo of a baby “wishing doll” that we made in art this week. It is basically just a miniture version of the original “wishing doll” & they are just so effective & it is so nice to see the pleasure it brings to not only myself but also those in the class! One gentleman who did give me permission to put his photo on the blog, but I decided it would be better for his privacy just to talk about him, made a wonderful “wishing” doll, all dressed up in a ball gown which he painted in a gold glittery colour & he named it after his wife. A lot if his work links somehow back to his wife which he lost a number of years ago.

I love my baby “wishing” doll & it bought me a lot of pleasure making it & painting the little face. The best thing about it is that only I know what my “wish” or “prayer” is & it is scrunched up very small & placed inside the head & that is how the shape of the head is created! It is a wonderful activity to do with all ages, young & old each getting so much pleasure!

The amazing thing is that it is so simple to make……..a square piece of calico for the body, wool of your choice for the  arms, legs, body & hair & some paint for the face & there you go, you’ve got your “wishing doll”.

The beautiful thing about them is they can be totally

Mummy & baby doll
Mummy & baby doll

nameless & not made in memory of anyone or as I said earlier in the post one of the gentlemen made his wife dressed up in a ball gown & it is so sweet as I go to his room each morning to deliver him his paper there is his “wife” sitting up on the chair next to his bed……he openly admits he misses his wife terribly but I’m sure the doll brings him some degree of comfort!

“Wishing dolls” or “prayer dolls” are the best & I’m so glad I’ve had the chance to participate in creating them. As you can see from the above photo they are very effective & lots if fun!