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The Therapy Dog – Tash

One great thing about being in the ‘establishment’ is that I  can have my dog Tash stay with me for as many nights a week as I want. Mostly she stays about three or four and she loves it & so do the other residents. She has worked out when morning and afternoon tea is & that is her favourite part of the day as she firstly goes around and sees how many corners of biscuits she can have then she becomes the vacuum cleaner & she certainly manages to get plenty of crumbs especially on days muffins are being served!!

She also comes with me every morning and helps me deliver the morning paper to all those residents who order it, so she walks the entire length of the building and absolutely loves this time of day because yet again she has treats waiting for her , which of course she can’t resist.

Ofcourse one of the most important times of Tash’s day after “hanging out” with the residents is her sleep time, this is vital for Tash as she looooooves to sleep! Hence the photo below……….

In one of my posts I might take a picture of her visiting the residents that are in the nursing home & a lot of them are bedridden so I put Tash in her special pink doggy stroller…..yes, you read right she has her own stroller which is perfect for here as it is right at the level of their beds so they can pat her and give her kisses & ofcourse she just laps it up!

I am so grateful to the ‘establishment’ for allowing me the absolute pleasure of having my best friend come & stay here & it works both ways as I see the joy on so many faces as she walks into their rooms & ‘sits’ beautifully waiting with great anticipation that she may be lucky enough to get a corner of a scotch finger biscuit or a perhaps even half an arrowroot – who knows might be extra generous today!!!!

The final delight of Tash’s day which I cannot leave out is her morning puréed porridge tasting! Ofcourse I have to limit her intake but if I was to let her I am sure she would eat my entire serving which ofcourse is meant to be my breakfast! One thing I can say for sure is that I think it is a good idea that she is only here three or four nights a week & the rest of the time she goes to Nana & Grandads!

Tash eating her porridge
Tash eating her porridge