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I’ve been blessed with a new Grandad!!!

First of all I need to make a huge apology for being so slack in my posts…….the last last couple of months have not been the easiest health wise & the whole thought of sitting down & writing posts was just not appealing to this tired & fighting body, but I’ve decided I get so much pleasure from doing them & from all the wonderful responses it seems that so do so many of my followers, so I’m now back on track……GET READY FOR MORE POSTS as I’m certainly not lacking in content!!

So here goes…….you see, it kind of all started with just a simple Christmas card addressed to one of my favourite old residents. For this post were going to call him George and George is just a spring chicken at the young age of 98, hasn’t hit the triple digits yet! George has lived here a while now, he moved in with his wife Pat initially but she passed away close to three years ago now, but George has simply just got on with it, I’m sure missing Pat in the process! Anyway, I just quietly gave George his Christmas card and didn’t think anymore of it. Little did I know what this simple Christmas card would mean to “young” George. His life would clearly never be the same again!

That day at dinner he came up to my table and got as close to my ear as was physically possible and with these beautiful warm tears trickling down his sun weathered face he quietly said to me how touched he was by the words that I wrote in the card and they meant so much to him. He apparently had never read anything like it and he grabbed my hand and squeezed it and squeezed it and squeezed until I thought it was going to fall off. I said to him that I meant every word I wrote and I held him in high regard and he had been a wonderful friend to me since I had arrived at “the establishment”! Well, that was the final straw, the tears that were once a trickle had now become a flood and he proceeded to tell me that all his grandchildren live overseas and he was wondering if he could become my Grandad, which ofcourse meant  that I had the wonderful honour of calling him Grandad, would I be prepared to do that????

Well, Grandad, was my immediate response, ofcourse I would and not only that I would consider it an absolute honour to call such a wonderful man “Grandad”. I don’t know a huge amount about Grandad’s life but I do know he has two daughters in which he adores and I’m sure the relationship is reciprocated as they are here on cafe days taking him down there for his malt shake & toasted sandwhich! His favourite treats on the weekend!

I guess my purpose in writing this is to remind us all that everyone needs to be loved and even if it is something as simple as a name,that name holds so much meaning and even 98 year olds need to know their loved and haven’t been forgotten!

Is there anyone in your life today in need of some special love and perhaps a name????